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Recently I gave a golf lesson to a player that told me they swung too fast. They told me this after they had hit a bad shot. I asked the player, "You swing too fast compared to who"?

Their response was interesting... "Compared to you! You swing slow"

After smiling, I set up Fliightscope and measured the players swing speed with a 6 iron and showed them that it was averaging around 69 mph. He looked and nodded as though he thought this was fast. I smiled again :)

I then swung my 6 iron immediately after and showed him that my swing speed was 98mph. The look of bemusement on his face was priceless as he tried to contemplate how my swing that looked slow was 30mph faster than his.

I then proceeded to explain to him that the swing is neither fast or slow as it takes on average 2seconds to start and finish. What is a slow swing? A swing that takes 2.2seconds? Is a fast swing one that takes 1.8seconds?

It takes 0.3 of a second for your brain to realise something has happened and to react to it, so even if the above was the case, your body would not even be able to notice the difference with any sort of constructive feedback.

The reality of this players confused state was that the swing he felt was too fast was actually out of sequence, resulting in a large amount of physical effort for a limited result and an unbalanced finish.

Many players I teach talk to me about swinging too fast even though they are carrying their 6 irons less than 140m.

The similarity with these players is that they all have the club stuck behind them or swinging from the outside and tell me that they are trying to rotate the body first from the top and keep the hands and arms out of the swing.

The reason their swing feel too fast and they are inefficient in their transfer of energy is that they are out of sequence. This makes the swing feel too fast because when the club is stuck behind you coming into the ball the body has to react quickly to make sure you hit the ball. This requires alot of hand action late through the ball giving the feeling that you are using too much of it!

The then automatic reaction of the body in coming up is due to necessity caused by the position you have put it in through incorrect concept, creating an unbalanced finish.

If you would like to learn how to hit it farther with the feeling of less effort and at the same time improving your accuracy and ball flight understanding, book a lesson with me and let me show you how easy it can be.

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