Game Evaluations

Game evaluation's are the most impoartant part to implementing a strategy that will allow you to achieve major goals.

A game evaluation is done over a 1.5 hour lesson and a 9 hole playing lesson and looks at each of the 5 core areas of your game and also the 3 non physical aspects to the game also. These being how you practice, how you think and how you apply.

What you receive in a game evaluation:

* a goal setting session that allows me to understand what you want to achieve

* a detailed summary upon review of the 5 core areas of the game (Full swing, Pitching, Chipping, Putting and Bunker play)

* a detailed summary of how you score in the 3 non physical areas of the game (Think, Practice and Apply)

* a plan and practice schedule tailored to the time you have available

Game Evaluations come with the bonus of a Free one year subscription to your online "Swing Locker". Value $150. This is the place that i will send all video from your Game Evaluation for you to review. You will have access to upload video to this site for future review by me.


Game Evaluation costs $660

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