Learn to play Consistent Golf

Want to play consistent golf? Want to learn how to in 90 days?

Having taught golf for over 18 years and travelled the world doing so, I would say that 90% of students that come for their first lesson, say they want to be more consistent. I ask  ...”What does that mean, more consistent”? The answer is generally relating to score. They would like to score more consistently.

If this is what 90% or more of people I begin to teach desire, then I am sure the numbers are similar with every golf coach out there, meaning there are hundreds of thousands of golfers that want to be more consistent.

The question is then posed, why are so many people not consistent? The answer is simple! Consistent Golf is made up of a skill base of 5 physical aspects , 3 mental aspects and 1 practice aspect. The reason that most golfers aren’t consistent is that they only practice 1 of the 5 and don’t even touch on the other 3 mental nor the 1 practice aspect.

An analogy would be saying, I want to get healthier and then making sure you are getting plenty of sleep (a crucial part of living a healthy lifestyle), but continuing to eat hamburgers, drink soft drink and excesses of coffee and/or alcohol.

Doing one thing does not allow for the whole thing to work. Much like if you just practiced your serve in tennis. I am sure you would develop a killer one, but how would your back hand or forehand be? How would your volley close to the net perform under pressure? Would you win many games?

Golf is a challenging game that cannot be compared to any other sport you may have played (except archery..who plays that???) as what other sport do you hit an object 200m and if you are out by 3 degrees you are in the trees and losing your ball.

In putting things into perspective the above statement means it is more important than any other game to get on track with what you are doing and make sure you stick at it to give your body a chance to get used to it.

Every golfer out there, can be as consistent as the game allows, by understanding and learning!!! the following three key components to the game.

In understanding the basic to consistency within the game in “golf my way” I need you to understand that the game has a physical and a mental aspect as well as a practice aspect. The physical is understanding that, the game from tee to green is made up of a skill base of 5 motions - Full swing, a pitching motion, a chipping motion, a bunker motion and a putting motion. Each motion has a different purpose and movement much like a forehand and a back hand do in tennis.

The 2nd thing to understand is that the game has a 3 mental components as well. The exciting thing is that every person has these within them and they are desire, willingness and discipline. Expansion of these terms would be the desire to want to improve, the willingness to accept what you learn and the discipline to repeat what you do.

The 3rd is the practice aspect which is where most go wrong. Most players practice the wrong way and practice without purpose. They are practicing trying to hit good shots not practicing by understanding how to hit good shots.

If every golfer that has every said I want to be more consistent, now realises there is a way to achieve this, then there is no excuse to not achieve it. I have developed a 90 day step by step process to allow you to become a more consistent golfer. This can be done in as little as 2 hours practice a week.

If you have the desire to play more consistent golf then stop searching and learn how.

For more information in becoming a more consistent golfer and the 90 day step by step plan please email me christian@golfmyway.com.au or to book an individual lesson please call Moore Park on 9663-1064 ext 2

Achieving your goal may not be as far away as you think :)

Small steps allow giant leaps


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