My Background

I have coached golf for 18 years and in this time i have seen many cases of where the clubs a person is using and more importantly the make up of these clubs is incorrect and effecting the persons performance. In many cases making it impossible for them to improve.

My journey on learning how to club fit correctly started with a journey to the Dallas, Texas in 2000 where i visited the 2 Hank Haney Golf centre's and the Adams Golf custom fit centre to learn the latest fitting concepts.

In 2002 i owned and operated a HOUSE of GOLF franchise and club fitted over 1000 customer within 3 years. I was one of the first venues in Australia to purchase and use a Vector Launch monitor. I had players from all over Sydney coming to be fitted by me using this ball tracking device.

The next 6 years saw me beceome a registered Ping, Titleist, Callaway, Mizuno and Taylor Made fitter and in 2008 i was employed as a custom club fitter on the US PGA's Nationwide tour to fit and support 23 tour staff players that included James Nitties, Ewan Porter, Kurt Barnes, David Mathis and Kris Blanks.

This role was then expanded from the USA to cover an Australian tour program in 2009 which saw me fit over 50 Australian tour players into drivers using the latest launch monitor technology.

Today i am available for club fits at The Lakes Golf Club for all standards of players. Whether you be a beginner wanting to get the right start or a regular player wanting to make an upgrading, i am able to help you.

For more information about club fitting please email me on

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