Learn 2 win

In most sports we play as kids and then as adults we are often competing against one other team (football, soccer, netball or rugby etc) or one other player (tennis, squash or even chess) so we get into the habit of winning reasonably often.

In golf you are competing on a Saturday comp with 200+ players and in a corporate day against 20 other teams and in a sanction amateur of professional tournament you will be competing against 150+ players, so the chances of winning are greatly reduced.

In saying this some players seem to be able to win more often, some players seem to be able to handle the pressure that comes with winning or being in a position to win.

I have coached golf for 18 years and in this time i have developed a 2 part strategy to allow you to learn how 2 win.

Think about it...do you want to beat your friends when you go out and play for a lottery ticket? Do you want to win the weekly comp? or do you want to win something bigger?

Well if you do then you need to know the "Learn2win" strategy.

For more information please email me on christian@golfmyway.com.au and i can send you the outline of the LEARN2WIN program

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