My Philosophy

Over the last 18 years of teaching golf I have asked myself why is it that golf seems such a hard game to learn. Apart from it being a low margin game, using a small hard ball and long club with a face angle, I found that it wasn’t the challenge of the physical that was holding golfers back from being consistent but the way they were approaching the learning process.

There is much information out there and students can get lost in knowing alot about "a" golf swing and not much about "their" swing. Understanding how to take the information and process this as you practice and play is the part of the game where golfers fall down, and the reason why practice doesn't always equate to improved play.

In the endeavour to show golfers how to improve their scores and be more consistent I have developed a learning process that is built on clarifying and confirming concepts, implementing a consistent routine and being able to understand what your your ball flight is telling you. I call this "Golf My Way"

To LEARN how to play consistent golf you need to accept and trust the following learning process.

Understand – what it is that you are trying to do not what you are trying to achieve. Sounds easy but is often a hard question to answer simply

Rehearse – the motion that you understand

Repeat – the motion in front of the ball

Analyse – the ball flight. Warning !!! do not let the feeling you got from the swing determine what you do next time.

Adjust – if required. If you hit a good shot go and find it and do it all again

This simple learning process is the key to consistent golf. It has 2 key parts that are the most important. You must understand what you are trying to do (concept). That is not what you are trying to achieve (hit a good shot) but how you intend to do it.

2ndly, the feeling you get from making contact with the ball is very vivid and distinct. These feelings are transitional and should not determine or have any influence over what you do next time.  

If you are working with a coach or working on your own and cannot tell me in 2 lines what you are trying to do within the motion of your swing then you will have the constant battle of inconsistent golf. Come and book a lesson with me and let me show you an easier way. "Golf My Way"

Understanding is forever!

Kindest regards


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