I am excited to announce that i am a fully qualified AimPoint Express instructor.

Aimpoint is the leading green reading system in the world used currently by hundreds of tour players on both the mens and womens tours.

Reading greens can be difficult as what your eyes see can be distorted by a number of factors and in turn the uncertainity in the line makes it impossible to consistently match the speed.

Aimpoint is a simple to learn and effective to use method that enables you to get certainty in where to aim your putts to give yourself the best chance to connect to the speed.

The method enables you to read the green using your awarenss of the slope through your feet and transfer this into a reading that is displayed using your fingers.

The Aimpoint express method that is sweeping the world can be learnt in a two hour one on one session - $280 or in a clinic of up to 6 people for $220pp

Book a lesson with me at the Lakes and let me show you how much better you can putt.

call: 9669-3544


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