Tour Background

Tour player coaching is a unique beast.

It requires the right amount of desire as a coach, the certainty in your concepts and the understanding of yourself to be able to manage the progression of a tour player that puts their future in your hands.

I love working with Tour players and i have worked with many of the last 5 years, as the rewards of success are great. In 2010 Kurt Barnes who i coached and managed for 3 years lowered his world ranking from 1500 to 300 and qualified for the British Open at St Andrews.

Kurt and I had a great week with the highlight being having a practice round with My Tom Watson and being able to ask questions to learn from the 9 time major winner.

Having coached many tour players and had three players win on 4 different interantional tours I have what i believe is a receipe for success. The player needs to have three things:

* desire - not the kind like i would like to be successful but the type like I will do whatever it takes to be successful

* Work ethic

* Trust

If the player then allows themselves to be guided and accept new information anything is possible. I do look at the game wholistically as i understand that golf is a reflection of your life. If you are on the course for 5 hours but off it for 19 then what goes on in this time is going to effect how you play.

For more information on tour coaching or if you are a Tour player looking for a new direction email me so we can discuss a game evaluation.

You are a reflection of the information that you beleive to be true. Let me show you a different way.

Kindest regards


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